Information Technology

Coverage that keeps pace with technology

Innovation drives technology, blazing new trails to move us forward each day. Yet with innovation comes risk which can quash creativity and limit potential.

Alliance Insurance LLC understands the needs of technology companies to feel safe while they create and explore. We focus on protecting their most valuable assets, creativity and innovation, with specialized insurance solutions to fit their needs. We were first to issue an auto insurance policy, first to insure aerial transportation, first to insure electronic data processing and first to issue an accident policy for space flight and lunar exploration.

At Alliance Insurance LLC, we see the infinite potential for technology to bring about game-changing advancements. That's why we strive to provide innovative solutions for our technology clients: to ensure that we're always ready to meet our client's most unique needs.

Innovative solutions that set us apart

To protect innovation you first need to understand it. Alliance Insurance LLC doesn't just insure technology companies. We have immersed ourselves in the technology industry so we can understand and anticipate the changing nature of our client's risks, while also creating insurance products and services that keep up with the quickly changing needs.

Technology.JPGWhat sets us apart

  • Long-time association with the technology industry
  • Ability to underwrite complex businesses
  • Expertise with technology businesses of all types and sizes
  • Dedicated technology team
  • Constant research to anticipate future needs and emerging risks
  • Sharing our knowledge and advice
  • Risk control services that are among the best in the industry